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Irvine Mayor Farrah Khan wearing a black sweater, standing outdoors in a park with a cheerful smile, her hands crossed.

Farrah N. Khan is an exemplary leader who made history by becoming the first woman of color and Muslim woman to lead a large U.S. city as Irvine’s 23rd Mayor. Her passion for public service and technology began in California’s biotech industry, where she developed a keen understanding of the intersections between business and government. Her family moved to Irvine in 2004, and she has been a tireless advocate for her community since then.


As the Mayor of Irvine, Farrah has focused on promoting growth and prosperity for the city, working hard to create a welcoming environment for businesses and individuals alike. She has also championed innovation and technology, recognizing the potential for these fields to drive progress and improve the lives of Irvine’s residents. She brought together Mayors throughout OC to support the federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill which lead to many cities getting funding for their infrastructure projects. She's been a staunch advocate supporting programs and services for mental health and social connectedness, which has lead to her speaking on the topic throughout the nation. Under her leadership, the city has made great strides in transportation, sustainability, and community health.


Regionally, Khan has been a champion and fighter for Orange County’s most complex and pressing issues. She helped establish OC’s first Community Choice Energy (CCE) agency OC Power Authority, initiated several new strategies leading Irvine to become the first City in Orange County to spearhead COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics in local neighborhoods and senior centers, established the COVID-19 Task Force and the Business Reopening Task Force with industry experts to lead the economic recovery post-pandemic and passed HERO pay for frontline workers. 

Some of Mayor Khan's most notable accomplishments have been around housing, transportation, and public safety. She's supported more affordable and workforce housing, initiated the city's first neighborhood transit route, and spearheaded the Be Well OC's mobile response unit to respond to non-violent mental health calls. She has also led the development of Irvine’s first Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, a comprehensive strategy to combat the effects of climate change, protect the city's natural resources, and take a proactive approach to mitigating wildfires. Additionally, Farrah was a tireless advocate for implementing the city’s first Community Workforce Agreement, which ensures that local workers (including veterans and apprentices) are prioritized for jobs in city-funded construction projects, boosting the local economy and creating opportunities for Irvine residents to gain valuable work experience. 


Throughout her tenure as Mayor, Farrah has demonstrated a deep commitment to the well-being of Irvine’s diverse communities. She has worked tirelessly to ensure all residents can access the resources they need to thrive. She has been a vocal advocate for affordable housing, healthcare, and innovation.

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